What Happened Yesterday (WHY)


The universe is expanding in me, at a rate I can’t control. Try as I might I can’t keep up with myself.

I can’t stop expanding long enough to organize everything.

Surge me down, Goo.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

I guess I’m just going to have to go back to ‘no particular order’ again, and trust that wherever an entry lands it will be in the correct order.

You know those bullets gave me a lot of trouble in the previous books. Carole said that when she wanted to return to something, nothing was numbered so she couldn’t find it. Not good. I didn’t want to give any entry preferential treatment of any one thought by numbering the entries.  People are funny about numbers and what they mean to them. Number 1 as opposed to number 301; how does that look for 301? Not very important.

Well, I have to start somewhere, so I might as well just start typing and figure out the bullets or numbers later.

I have a lot to get through before even thinking about opening nanny kay’s Famous Blue suitcase.

Come on, SURGE ME DOWN, Goo.

 Ever notice that when people tell the truth about something and the one listening doesn’t like it, they accuse the teller of being angry?


Although there are random sequences in everybody’s lives, there are also staged events.

At each juncture, random or staged there is an opportunity for growth through change. Do you want to slide? That’s an option. Do you want to regress – go backward? That, believe it or not, is the most often chosen path by human creatures.


Once you choose a particular course, there is only a certain amount of facilitating that one can do without outside intervention to derail your efforts, or outside intervention to facilitate your efforts – at a price.

Sometimes a missed opportunity is better than the one taken that ends up going nowhere no matter how hard or extended the exerted effort – intervention or not.

Donald Trump did not rise to power in a vacuum. He is not a solitary person. Frankly, his biggest fans are the ones who scream at him the loudest. They are the ones who truly believe that he is the one.

Every problem he has to solve already existed long before he became President Of The United States (POTUS).

The fact that the Mockers do what they do so well is a sure indicator that they’ve been doing it for a long time – it just wasn’t made public. Something like this starts slowly and gains momentum over time – a long time.

It’s unfortunate for the status of the human creature that so many of them took the INFLICTION OF PAIN route to change the world.

Hillary Clinton would not have been able to change much, and as much as admitted it as chief negotiator – Secretary of State – under past President Obama. Even Obama couldn’t get anything done that anybody remembers. He kept aspiring to a more powerful position for the purpose of changing what needed to be changed and he just couldn’t do it.

Community organizer to State Senator to US Senator to finally President and at every level, he saw the same issues not get solved. So the more power he got made no difference whatsoever. Of course, it was always somebody else’s fault and that’s why he lives in the State Of Mockery. He didn’t have the type of personality conducive to working with people. Hillary Clinton didn’t either. They both were either angry or laughing at people.

The difference with Donald Trump is that sure he laughs at people, gets angry, but he doesn’t stop there. He even stews about it, seemingly all the time, but he still doesn’t stop there. He lives with it. He works in spite of it all. He drives right through it using a gentle demeanor. That’s his way. He doesn’t blow up what he wants to change. He works with it.

I mean, Barak Obama is still trying to be president even though he did his eight years and there’s no current provision in the law allowing it. Now he’s back to the beginning, only using tweets to get his message out, like everybody else.

Hillary Clinton still doesn’t have an original or creative thought, which makes one wonder why and how she got where she is. For someone always screaming about privilege, she’s the recipient. She became one of the good old boys that she despised.

Putting fires out is what everybody ends up doing once they get elected.


The current trend in labeling a manufactured food, that CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS (CNAP), is to label it PLANT-BASED rather than VEGAN, or ANIMAL-FREE. Some worry about the negativity associated with animal rights groups, so veer from the usage of the word vegan on their product even though it might be vegan.

Remember now that all over Facebook and other social media platforms we often see claimed by vegans that VEGAN is a lifestyle, not a diet. So companies not especially keen on associating their product with a lifestyle shy away from that connection.

Many times a company that produces products made from flesh, blood and milk also offer a vegan option, so in their effort to satisfy the animal-eaters who are the main source of their customer base, vegan gets deleted and plant-based becomes the preferred wordage for labeling. They don’t want any of it to be political or social or debatable. They’re in business to make money, not social policy.

Face it. The government and slaughter industries have done a great job in demonizing vegans. Vegans have also contributed to that. PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals), probably was the biggest contributing factor by focusing on vivisection for so long, when nobody in the general population even knew what the word meant.

I recall many years ago when memberships were sent through the mail, on the form I had to fill out it asked if I would break the law for animal rights? Or something like that. Would I break the law was the main component of the question? That in itself alerted me to the possibility that PETA wasn’t all it claimed to be, and that just maybe the government was running that organization as a silent entity and wanted to know in advance who would break the law so they could monitor them.

I mean why would anybody ask that? I have to wonder too why PETA got into the rescue and kill business of animals. They didn’t need to do that. You can’t be everything. Ingrid Newkirk (long-time president of PETA) reportedly said, “but people always call us”. So what? Do you have a license and the permit to euthanize animals in your PETA office? Refer them elsewhere. I wouldn’t call my doctor’s office and demand that he do surgery right now. There are proper protocols and procedures and scheduling requirements.

I still think that the CIA has a foothold and influence in that organization and as long as they do, they will be associated with terror. The CIA is the largest terror organization in the world.

PETA gave the food companies a pass for a long time, probably to stay in existence, which is understandable given the climate of the time. However, their continued persistence in not caring who they exploit as long as they get their pro-animal voice heard continues to make investors and manufacturers skittish when putting their money on a product that carries a prejudice against all animal-eaters and even some plant-eaters.

How many times I saw the sexual exploitation of the female human used as justification for the cause. You need to be consistent across all lines if you want to be considered valid in your views and subsequent demands.

Humans are animals. You can’t hate one species and love all the others. If you love the predator species too, which you claim to do, then humans fall into that category – not by DNA design but by choice and in some instances survival.

Non-vegans expect vegans to be compassionate to all species, including the human, and this compassion often is not communicated toward non-vegans on social media. It is the non-vegan that vegans accuse of species-selection when caring about animals, but vegans do it too, by not showing the non-vegan the same compassion as they do other predator species.

Turning love into a requirement for animal welfare isn’t rational. Respecting an animal’s right to live out their lives in absence of enslavement, torture and slaughter elevates their right to exist for themselves, no others. Being dependent on your love turns them into objects.

Then again, vegan has become associated with gluten-free, GMO-free, processed food-free and on and on, so rather than deal with what has become the cumbersome vegan word, they prefer to go with plant-based.

All well and good. So what, as long as it doesn’t contain any animal products – at least for now. I’ve often used it myself.

The vegans, rightly so, also want to make the process vegan – anything to do with the manufacturing of the product. For example, they don’t want the habitats of animals destroyed to harvest a plant to make an animal-free product. Once a product passes all those tests, then they don’t want any testing of plant products on animals.

However, the ‘for now’ part is the pitfall. Even though most people will connect plant-based with no animal in it, meaning only plants, it doesn’t actually mean no animal, since it can also mean in addition to plants the product also contains some animal.

When you order a bowl of soup in a restaurant, you’ll ask if the broth is vegetable based or animal based. If it’s vegetable, you’re happy and can order the soup in relatively good conscience. But wait, you forgot to ask about those tiny meatballs floating in it, thinking if the broth is plant-based, then everything else in the soup must be also.

Not so. It’s the ‘based’ word that allows for flexibility. Maybe not now, but eventually someone will use that loophole to put animals where animals weren’t supposed to be. That’s the primary reason companies and manufacturers prefer it, in addition to the associated-activism they consider baggage.

In sum: labeling preferences by food companies and manufacturers are based on the meaning of the word based.


Who would have thought we had so many people wanting to be dictators in Congress? It’s my way or no way. Vote them out everybody says, but nobody does. These wannabe dictators are undermining the success of ‘we the people’ as a nation – one nation, not two or three or five or twenty. A separate nation for every ethnic group under one nation? Is that what you really mean?

We’re one nation under God. What does ‘under’ mean? It means all we who are under someone, beneath someone, are oppressed. We’re a nation of slaves. If we are under God, then God is our dictator. Which God though? Each religion has a different interpretation of their God, so which one are we the USA under? All of them?

I don’t want your God being my dictator and you don’t want my God being your dictator. But we all have to work somehow, someway, together, to keep our nation strong, healthy and safe from those within and without who want to harm us.

Cutting people’s heads off or committing state-imposed murder against someone else who murdered, eating the flesh, blood, and milk of any species we can capture, enslave, torture and slaughter, committing rape against any human available when you decide to feed your rage proves that humankind is not yet fit to live without walls. Humans have yet to demonstrate that they can be trusted to live among others absent wanting to do harm to one another.

Some people want to design the USA in the likeness of Europe. Everybody wants the country they live in to be like the country they left – only better. So what’s better than Europe for all those European descendants living in the USA as legal citizens?

The United States of America.

That’s what’s better than Europe – better than the place you left. You all made it better, so why now after all this time are you longing to be Europe again? You have 50 states you can move in and out of any time you get Border Fever.

How many countries does Europe have? Fifty, the same as the number of states we have. But wait. Some of those fifty European states are shared with countries outside of the European Union – in Asia. “Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia are considered to be “transcontinental” with portions of their countries on multiple continents.”

Is that what you’re looking for? You want the USA to become transcontinental? Do you want Mexico to become a state, so you don’t have to worry about the border? How about all the Middle America countries? Them too? Make them all states?

How big is Europe? Smaller than the USA and Canada combined, but it has three times as many people. So what are you missing? A smaller than the USA overcrowded-with-people piece of land? They all speak different languages. Every time you cross a border in Europe, the language changes. In the USA, except for the Spanish-speakers, everybody speaks English. That’s our national language.

But wait again. I’ve heard talk about the USA becoming bilingual, whereby everybody going to school must learn two languages, even that some want Spanish to be the national language. Now even I think that’s carrying your country with you too far. Stay where you are and clean up the mess you all were too complacent to do from the beginning, that made things got out of hand in the first place. You allowed it. Now you come here and want to fight for your rights by destroying what people before you built.

If I want to live in France, I don’t expect France to change their national language to English, just because I’m too lazy to learn French. If I want to survive and thrive, I’ll learn their language, not tell them to learn mine. How arrogant can one people be?

Hey, Europe doesn’t have a dessert, do they? Ops, not so. There’s one in Spain and a few dots of arid land here and there, but not like our dessert that spans many states. Hey, we even have palm trees. Mountains, Great Lakes, big oceans on east and west coasts. You want overcrowded dense cities, we got ’em. You want wide open spaces, we got ’em. You want big sky, it’s here. Europe is old and tired. We’re still young.

The USA has one currency. Even though Europe has the Euro, not all countries use it, so going from place to place on your Border Fever trip can get complicated.

No one in the USA needs a passport to travel between states. There are no border crossings. In Europe, even though they have a passport-free zone, it doesn’t include all countries, and you still need a passport in some places. If you’re stopped by police or if you board a plane you need to prove your identity, and the only acceptable form of ID are those issued by national authorities. So that has it’s problems leading to confusion too.

Maybe if this isn’t good enough for your ‘wanting to be better than Europe’ palate, then go back home. They’ll take you in – maybe. Give it a try. When you want to come back, the door will open if you qualify as a good citizen who wants no harm to come to the USA. Talking and doing are sometimes the same thing. Clean up your attitude and your talk about hating America and Americans and see if you don’t like the USA better than Europe.

You know, if people didn’t come to the USA illegally we wouldn’t need walls to keep them out. They don’t want to wait. They lack patience and the will to work for what they want. In all countries south of the USA border, they like dictators, they like coups. A coup means you get what you want fast. You take it. They do not like process. It’s their nature. It’s like the French and Arabs wanting to whack off everybody’s head whom they don’t like. It’s in their nature to respond swiftly with the most brutal force to get those who offend their sensibilities away from them – off the planet.

All these rape rooms all over the planet and somebody’s feelings get hurt when somebody calls them a cockroach. And then that’s what the news media forces the world to focus on for a week, instead of the real harm that’s happening to people all over the globe. Cockroaches hide their nests and only come out to scavenge for food, individually usually. Then if one gets squished, there’s no one else to give away their nest location, which is usually inside the walls or a place that nobody would think to look. They’re scavengers. And usually, do their scavenging activities at night when nobody can see them.

Spanish-speakers have their DNA stuck in socialistic politics and policies. Still, they want a dictator who will dole out what the people need so they can rise up as their own dictator in their neighborhood. Actually, dictators rise, they don’t get elected. Voting just makes it appear more legal. But you’ve seen one military coup after another.

They lack the patience for the process, so when they tire of waiting they strike like a snake and stage yet another coup. Coups come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. They know them all. They take pride in knowing them all. I mean, why does South America, Middle America, Mexico want to send their poor people to occupy the USA while everybody else stays back in the comfort of the nests, hidden behind their own walls of secrecy?

Because they can pick any state they want to live it and still be united as Spanish-speaking people. That’s the dictator/socialistic way of Spanish speakers taking care of their own, so they don’t have to actually bear the cost burden. The governments of these nations make arrangements to drive them out. Yes, you can take your kids. Good riddance. Have a happy life. Thank you, dictator God. Don’t forget to send us back some USA dollars. We won’t.


I write my truth as I experience it from all dimensions. I’m not a piece of candy nor a sedative.

Hey wild one, your number’s up. Is that good? What do you see? Yahoo censorship – not very democratic for a wholly democratic leaning news service. Removed my comment on Chelsea Handler – forty-something – bearing her breasts to get people to vote democratic is sexist and objectifies women. Yahoo evidently liked the idea of a woman objectifying herself.

If DNA can’t determine if a person is a Native American with any reliability, then how can it determine if somebody is a Jew?


When you’re tired, eating will not make you less tired, no matter what you eat. We often think we’re tired because we need to eat when it’s often eating that makes us tired. We want energy, so instinctively think more fuel in the tank will provide that.

If your tank is full, and you’re still tired, then look at other ways of increasing your energy output, rather than adding more fuel to your tank.

Don’t be fooled. That’s why people with anxiety eat a lot. It makes them tired, thus calmer.

If you want quick energy, don’t eat unless you can afford about an hour of feeling sleepy or tired after you eat, because that’s what food does, all food.

The digestion process is what slows you up.

Watering down prejudice and discrimination via name-calling. There’s a side effect aka adverse reaction to overusing words to describe objectionable behavior or to accuse people of certain objectionable behaviors. The professional media, as well as trolls of social media, are actually desensitizing the world to prejudice and discrimination by calling out everybody under the sun, more particularly the half human race, depending on which side of the fence you stand, for thinking and/or acting in a prejudicial and/or discriminatory way. Racist, misogynist, sexist, anti-gay, bigot, homophobe, ageist, including body-shaming and on and on.

Obsessive name-calling has become the standard response to being criticized. It’s not just one name, it’s a whole barrel of names delivered shotgun-style to anyone whose opinions someone else doesn’t share. At some point, and we’ve probably reached that point, everyone gets hit or verbally beat up by someone for having a view somebody else doesn’t like. Rather than address the issue, it’s a lot easier to shoot somebody with a bunch of names to discredit their entire being and entire lives and everything about them. Talk about overkill? Well actually nobody is recognizing the effect of the overkill. Not yet.

Eventually, those words will lose their sting. The strategy of repeating the same word over and over, trying to shut someone down from speaking will eventually shut the person down who’s using it for being over-bearing and manipulative,

Okay, so it all got tossed up into the air – this new way of communicating one’s mind. Now as it settles think about how to renegotiate with yourself to communicate more effectively – the type of communication that produces results. Right now, everybody is on the negative side of the scale. They’re acting like the world is going to end tomorrow and they have to fix their lives right now. Well, if the world is going to end tomorrow, then why bother?

Focus on that urgency and break that down into smaller components.

WHY is Donald Trump the target of everyone’s obsession; think why only one person? Why do we think he can fix whatever happens in the world? Be honest. You wouldn’t be screaming at him if you thought anybody else had the answers, or the power or the will or the flexibility that you obviously think he has. That’s a huge tell, right there.

Nobody is going after any congressperson or governor or senator or mayor or otherwise public figure. Maybe you have unrealistic expectations and that’s what’s making you all insane. Who else is there? If Hillary or Barak had any answers, don’t you think the responsible thing would be to circulate their solutions in detail to the populace? They know all the questions. Yet they don’t provide the answers. They want you to put them back in power or someone like them before they’ll help you with your social issues. What is that strategy all about? Getting elected. Period. They don’t have any answers, that’s why they can’t share them with the populace. They were already in office and they didn’t have the answers then.

Hey, they say they couldn’t get it done. That’s a defeatist attitude. What they want is for the Republicans to all become Democrats, so they can all agree on what the Democrats want. But the Democrats don’t know what they want; that’s why they always delay. Big business writes the proposals, the bills, the laws. They’re like the pharmaceutical industry. They send out sales reps to all doctor offices and hospitals and clinics to sell a product after it’s been developed, tell the doctor the main benefits, side effects, offers a few personal perks, then they leave and the doctor/hospital/clinic passes it all on to the patient/consumer – except for the perks of course.

The populace intuitively knows that Donald Trump is the only answer. There is nobody any better on the horizon. The USA government is sorely lacking in effective negotiators.

Go ahead, ask Hillary for a detailed solution. Ask any person from any party for a detailed solution to any problem that exists – then and now. You will not get an answer that’s responsive to the question asked. You’ll get political posturing.

Work with that knowledge for a while, then regroup.


Where in Africa did the first human emerge?

Why Africa?

Why only in one location?

If it was spontaneous, then spontaneous could happen simultaneously in many places under the same or similar conditions consisting of the same elements and forces.

What were the land or sea boundaries where humans first occurred?

What country would that be now?

Was the first one a male or female or both?

How did it reproduce?

Did it emerge in water or on land?

Was it an insect, a worm or a fish?

Why do we long for a master in the sky that we can’t see?

Why when we die do we say we’re going home?

Was Noah’s Ark a space ship fleeing from a distant dying planet?

Why did only humans evolve and not other animals, when nothing solitary exists in the universe?

What was the first other animal on the planet and where did it emerge?

What was the first plant and where did it emerge?


Anger comes after SAD.

We’re already at anger – for sometime now – which means we got out of SAD mode, as a nation once depressed.

Stop trying to put us back to SAD, which will only result in more anger.

Sad, anger, acceptance, happy, productive.

Simultaneous would be nice. Yes, it’s possible. No one is required to wallow in stages of anything or slow-poke their way through each stage.

You’re trying to lower the temperature by going back to SAD, instead of advancing to HAPPY via acceptance. Everything is SAD on social media now. Not long ago everybody was a racist bigot cunt, now they’re all so so SAD.

Going back to SAD doesn’t lead to happy.  It keeps people in the past looking for a happy that’s gone.

Stop with the reverse psychology engineering. It’s not working. You’re confusing people.

Stop telling happy stories with a SAD component. What are you really trying to do here, except create more chaos and uncertainty?

The social engineers created this social media monster, now step back and let people figure how to get out of it on their own.

You made a mess trying to control people’s emotions. That’s oppression in case you can’t see it.

The populace will turn on the social engineers. They’ll figure out who you are. People don’t like their food genetically engineered, what makes you think they want their emotions engineered by terrorist agencies with agendas to control them for somebody else’s benefit?

They’re going to wake up and stop turning against each other, which was your socially engineered plan, and you will become their new target.

Acceptance was the next step to happy and you all pushed everybody back to SAD. Now they’ve got to do that whole anger stint all over again. That’s sadistic and detrimental to society – AT ALL LEVELS. You have a price to pay.

Getting out-of-the-way is your best strategy now.



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